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Natalie Jane Millinery


Like a lot of people, I am an avid horse racing enthusiast.  I've  loved the races for as long as I can remember, with my earliest memories as a young girl, regularly attending race meets with my Dad.  Millinery seemed the natural progression. 


Professionally trained, Natalie Jane Millinery is now in its 13th year, which I'm extremely proud of.  NJM’s style is elegant and refined, but fun, believing you don’t have to crowd a headpiece to make a statement.  Millinery is my labour of love, which I hope everyone can see in each unique, handcrafted design.  


I create custom made millinery, in addition to two limited ready-to-wear collections a year, a Spring / Summer range and an Autumn / Winter range.  The NJM Spring / Summer Collection is now available by selecting 'Shop Now'.  This season it is all about bold colour and beautiful pastels.  Why a limited collection?  NJM prefers to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. 


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