Welcome to Natalie Jane Millinery



Natalie Jane Millinery - one of Brisbane’s most trusted Millinery Designers – burst onto the racing and wedding fashion scene with exciting designs in 2009. With every crafted headpiece, NJM looks to create an end-to-end experience that is not only fulfilling – but exciting.

Exquisitely-designed, meticulously-handcrafted hats and headpieces are a regular feature at the biggest days on the Australian & international racing calendars and have adorned the head of many a beautiful bride.


Millinery is an art-form, that requires a masterful touch, an appreciation of quality, and an eye for beauty – in its many and varied forms.  Using only quality textiles and garlands, a Natalie Jane Millinery creation is guaranteed to turn heads.


So, whether you’re looking to make an elegant entrance or bold statement the choice is easy – contact Natalie Jane Millinery today for a custom made piece or choose from the ready-to-wear range by selecting 'shop now'.